Communication DECT

DECT multicell, jusqu à 16 000 téléphone

Code 9420141

Modèle DEC-411

Série 942

The new DEC-411 DECT base station provides a solid foundation for any installation size. From a small office with only one base station up to, for example, a hospital with several thousand devices, the integrated DECT manager housing state-of-the-art technology, can enable individual installations comprising up to 4,000 base stations and up to 16,000 handsets. Thanks to the DEC-411 base station, the maintenance of the devices can also be carried out easily and efficiently. Each base station can wirelessly send software updates to the connected handsets, greatly reducing the workload for the IT department.

- Up to 4,000 base stations
- Up to 16,000 handset
- DECT and LAN synchronisation
- No DECT manager required
- Compatible to existing handsets(1)
- Over-the-air software updates for handsets
- Repeater support(2)
- PoE and power adapter support
- TLS encryption
- DSP module support
- Wallmountable
- Local, XML and LDAP phone book support

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