Téléphonie IP

Téléphone IP 12 lignes, écran TFT 2,7 po

Code 9420135

Modèle TFI-404

Série 942

The new ALCAD TFI-404 offers the best features thanks to its timeless design. This phone is at the forefront, both technically and in appearance.
The 2.7 ”high resolution color screen is surrounded by eight multi-colored function keys that you can label yourself.
It is a easy-to-use telephone with functionality such as call ID, call waiting, call register, call transfers (attended and unattended) and volume control, which allow its use by the staff as a telephone control station for the reception of calls from the rooms.

· 2.7 ”high resolution TFT screen
32 self-labeling keys (8 physical)
· User interface that reacts thanks to sensors
· Hands-free broadband (speaker) Improved sound quality thanks to Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
· Double Gigabit Ethernet switch port (RJ45)
· Power over Ethernet IEEE 802.3af, Class 2
· Compatible with USB headphones (1)
· Compatible with additional module D7 (1)
· Compatible with WiFi dongles (1)
· Compatible with wireless headphones via electronic adapter (EHS) (1)
· Base with two tilt angles: 46 ° and 28 °

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