Téléphonie IP

Téléphone IP 6 lignes, TFT 2,7 ” Blanc

Code 9420134

Modèle TFI-403

Série 942

The TFI-403 is a professional desktop phone and a cost-effective entry-level device into the world of VoIP telephony. An advanced IP phone, the TFI-403 features a high-resolution colour display that is second to none in its price segment and also features a unique and innovative brightness and proximity sensor.
The sensor reacts as soon as the user's hand nears the display or the function keys of the IP phone and then displays frequently used features and called numbers. In addition, the sensor ensures that the brightness of the telephone display is always adjusted to the current lighting conditions in the room, reducing the carbon footprint of each device.
It is a easy-to-use telephone with functionality such as call ID, call waiting, call register, call transfers (attended and unattended) and volume control, which allow its use by the staff as a telephone control station for the reception of calls from the rooms.
In addition to the high-resolution colour display, the phone also has multi-colour LED function keys, an integrated gigabit switch and a USB port ensuring that the complete range of connectivity options are available.
Of course, the TFI-401 is available in both black and white.
This means that the phone can be perfectly adapted to a variety of business locations - whether office or practice.
The TFI-401 combines state-of-the-art technology, best voice quality and a clear design in one device - at an unbeatable price. This makes the perfect entry-level device in the world of professional IP telephony.

• High-resolution TFT display
• Integrated light sensor
• 3 self-labelling function keys
• Wideband hands-free talking (speakerphone)
• Digital Signal Processor (DSP) enhanced audio quality
• 2-port Gigabit Ethernet switch (RJ45)
• Power over Ethernet IEEE 802.3af, Class 2

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