Video and Audio Indoor Units


Code 9630084

Model MVC-151

Serie 963

Its new neutral and minimalist design combines perfectly with any kind of decoration in your home, from the most classic to the most avant-garde. The modern capacitive technology used for the touch buttons ensures a reliable and long-lasting operation, and as there are no electrical contacts or moving parts, the accumulation of dirt that affects the operation of traditional push-buttons is avoided. The Enara monitor has a very useful function so that nobody interrupts your rest time: the ''Don’t disturb'' function. Its large 7-inch flat screen allows you to identify the person making the call with total clarity and security and also, the on-screen menu allows you to adjust the image to achieve optimal performance in any lighting situation. The monitor keeps an automatic visual record of visitors whose calls are unanswered. When a call has not been answered, the monitor automatically saves an image of the person who has made the call. With ACTIVE VIEW Technology, Colours as you had never seen before. Our monitor offers astonishing quality, more vivid colors and a sharper image, thanks to its latest technology.

Technical specifications

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