Code 9710016

Model MAG-021

Serie 971

Complete module for USOA entrance panel. 2 windows. It includes EAG-021 electronic module and CAG-021 front glass

The luminous accessibility icons offer visual information of the operating states of the panel (calling, conversation, door open and system busy), complying with the SUA-9 accessibility regulations of the Technical Building Code and following the recommendations of the ONCE (National organization of the spanish blinds).

9770088 EAG-021 Description
Electronic module for USOA entrance panel. Category: Spare parts.

It includes the audio unit, voice synthesizer (14 languages), a handicap display. This module incorporates 2 tactile call buttons arranged in 2 columns (Left and right).

9770103 CAG-021 Description
Frontal glass for USOA entrance panel. Category: Spare parts. Front belonging to the complete module MAG-021

USOA is the Alcad entrance panel with a continuous profile and modular composition. It consists of frames of different sizes and with different numbers of windows where the different modules are fitted: as main audio or video module, push-button modules, iaccess module, card holders ... etc. There are two module sizes: P and G. The G modules occupy 2 frame windows, and the P modules occupy a single window.

Its modularity allows total freedom of choice for the creation of compositions and, at the same time, facilitates the integration of all technologies in the same equipment and with the same aesthetics.

Technical specifications

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