100% IP telecommunications and security platform for hospitals and nursing homes with Artificial Intelligence

At ALCAD Facility we strive every day to lead the technological change that allows us to offer increasingly personalized attention to patients and users of hospitals and nursing homes. In 2008 we were the first to create a 100% IP patient-nurse system through ACCURO, ALCAD's telecommunications and security platform for hospitals and nursing homes that goes beyond a simple call to the nurse from the room. It is a powerful, 100% IP-based brain that handles warning and alert management.

Now, we are leading a new paradigm shift: ACCURO.AI is the server-based artificial intelligence solution with proprietary algorithms, fully integrable in ACCURO. This advantage protects the center from possible cyberattacks from the outside, allowing the creation of a 100% secure work environment against cybercriminals.

ACCURO.AI provides high added value services. Thanks to its powerful software, the health centre will have advantages ranging from automatic monitoring of people to prevention by anticipating problems.

This paradigm shift will allow healthcare and social health personnel to be provided with natural work tools, with increasingly smaller and more powerful devices, with multiple functions and more integrated into the decoration.

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ACCURO: a reliable and versatile platform

ACCURO houses functionalities ranging from nurse call system to access control and emergency calls from areas of refuge, as well as receipt of alarms raised from adapted restrooms and/or changing rooms.

It is adaptable to all types of hospitals, clinics, nursing homes... ready for integration into third-party systems: HIS/ RIS, alarms, SIP terminals, etc. (please check out compatibility and offers with us).

Being based on IP technology, it allows greater reliability and versatility since it can interact with other IP systems through any data network, whether new or pre-existing on the premises. Its architecture is modular, so modules can easily be added to the platform in those installations that require it.

Some of its most remarkable singularities:

  • System based on 100% IP technology to each room.
  • Voice communication between patient / user and health / care professional.
  • System with or without audio compatible with each other and mixed (e.g., rooms with audio, and boxes and common bathrooms without audio).
  • Compatible with IP PoE or non-PoE networks (thanks to the ACC-048 accessory).
  • Distinction of priorities between alarms.
  • Management and monitoring of alarms and events in real time (through ACCUROviewer).
  • Access to the IP network of the installation from any room (quick start-up and maintenance).
  • ACCURO.AI is a tool that increases patient safety, optimizes the working time of professionals while reducing operating costs. And moreover, in a non-invasive way.
  • In addition, ACCURO.AI is a client's proprietary system, installed on its own server, so it does not require contracting cloud services (Azure, DataFlow, AWS, etc.).
  • By not needing an internet connection, ACCURO.AI has a decisive advantage, since it protects the centre from possible cyberattacks from outside, allowing the creation of a 100% secure work environment against cybercriminals.


📚  Download our catalogues (PDF format) for Hospitals and Nursing homes.

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