The most cost-effective and simple IPTV solution on the market, 100% made in ALCAD

ALCAD's IPTV solution is already in more than 15,000 rooms, improving the end-user experience for hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

ALCAD offers a complete TV solution over IP networks: from capturing the TV signal through terrestrial antenna, satellite or fiber, passing through the processing head to reach the room or common areas of the center: entrance, dining room, TV room... Thanks to its powerful and agile middleware or software, it is easy to use, intuitive, fast and very reliable. And 100% Made-in-ALCAD.

The two versions, IPTV Healthcare and IPTV Hospitality, in their two Basic and Premium modes, allow an agile and fast installation of the entire system by assigning IP to each room or common area automatically, without the need to configure it room by room. Also, upgrading from Basic to Premium is done with a simple software update.

Finally, the Digital Signage option, integrable with IPTV Premium and Basic, is a centralized web management tool that provides dynamic, effective and adapted communication, with a very simple use. Thus, the management software of our digital signage solution creates and distributes content and enables the creation of sequences and schedules.


Çözüm avantajları

Eğlencenizi kolaylaştıran 30 yıl

Harici kurulum gerektirmeyen ve pahalı olmayan bakım

TV sinyalinin alındığı odaya tam çözüm.

Ethernet ve GPON ağları ile uyumlu

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