100% IP intercom and access control system for hotels and other non-residential buildings

LIVERO is the first complete solution on the market that complies with international regulations concerning fire evacuation procedures in non-residential buildings, as regards intercom systems with a local room terminal.

LIVERO is available 100% IP and configured at the factory, and is ideal for parking lots, sports centres, shopping centres, areas of refuge, hotels, town halls...

Furthermore, it is easily integrable with our IPTV platform, a complete TV solution over IP networks.

General outline:

LIVERO includes an intercom point in each CIC-231 area of refuge (100% IP) and a software package (installed on a server / PC) compatible with the ACCUROviewer software. The system also allows the installation of bathroom warning pull-cords as well as door-top warning-lamps for communal areas or bathrooms. All of this is centralised and managed from one or more control points, which may be assigned by area as needed.

If required, the system allows the addition of DECT-type wireless phones or IP phones or even smartphones, to  increase the mobility of security personnel. From these terminals, the source of the call can be identified and it will be possible to conduct two-way communication in real time with persons requesting help.


CIC-231, LIVERO's tactile intercommunication centre

100% IP-based, this is the main element of LIVERO. It allows the connection of a luminous component that warns of a call in progress, which may be placed in an area where it is visible to the security personnel, as well as the option to install a button that cancels the call.


  • It is designed to be installed in areas of refuge that will allow people with reduced mobility to communicate via hands-free audio using a control station (in the event of an emergency where there is a fire and the need to use ladders), to assist in their evacuation.
  • It can also integrate the bathroom / changing room pull-cords, push buttons or sensors that can be installed in public bathrooms, changing rooms and common areas of non-residential buildings, without additional development or configuration.

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