The low-cost, standalone solution for generating and receiving alerts for adapted bathrooms and changing rooms

ATTENDO is ALCAD's solution that complies with standards regarding security against the risk of being trapped in enclosures. It is ideal for small installations: bars, restaurants... ready to install and use.

In order to be able to meet these requirements, ALCAD has designed a stand-alone, easy to set up solution that serves up to 5 bathrooms, with individual identification via the alarm receiver.

Elements of the kit:
Our KRAB-001 kit is configured to serve 1 bathroom / adapted wardrobe. Each kit is composed of:

  • 1 RAB-010 autonomous control station.
  • 1 LLC-824 bathroom / dressing room pullcord with call and cancel buttons.
  • 1 SEN-121 red signal device.
  • 1 FAC-050 individual power supply.

However, the same control panel can serve up to 5 adapted bathrooms / changing rooms, with the necessary elements being available separately.

ATTENDO-emergency call system for adapted toilets and changing rooms pdf 289.37 KB

Çözüm avantajları

1. Sınıf Avrupa Kalitesi Ürünler

Harici kurulum gerektirmeyen ve pahalı olmayan bakım

Deneyler olmadan, güvenilir ve sağlam çözümler.

Complies with international standards regarding security against the risk of being trapped in enclosures

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