The challenge

Housing compound of 242 luxury homes located on a well-known street in Turin, Italy. It consists of a 13 floors high tower and 8 buildings between 5 and 9 floors high each. The housing compound has 3 points of entry arranged at different points of the perimeter, and 8 internal points of entry, which give access to each building. It requires a Door Entry System capable of controlling access to the site and the different staircases, as well as facilitating audiovisual communication between visitors and homes.

The ALCAD solution

The ALCAD 2-wire system can be found in this housing compound. A monitor MVC-007 allows to visualize the different cameras installed in the entrance panels of the points of entry of the installation, communicate with the visitor and open the door. An iBLACK entrance  panel model PDK-54910 in each point of entry located on the perimeter of the housing compound allow the visitor to call the desired home. Another iBLACK pushbutton entrance panel located at the points of entry of each staircase.

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