2-WIRES video door entry systems

What advantages does the 2-WIRE system have compared to the DIGITAL system?
This system is the one with the greatest variety in indoor monitors and outdoor entrance panels, as well as the greatest number of functions and possibilities that you may need.

The 2-WIRE system has a BUS type connection, which is especially interesting in video door entry installations, where it is not necessary to carry separate cables to power the monitors or special cables for video.

This system is able to work with a wide variety of cables, including reused cables from the old conventional 4+N installation.

It supports greater distances, being able to reach 600 meters between the entrance panel and the farthest monitor, thanks to the CAB-307 model cable and our available accessories for signal amplification and voltage regenerators.


In a replacement installation where I want to keep the existing cable, should I join wires if the available cable is of very little section?
Absolutely not. The 2-WIRE system works with FM modulated signals, so it is susceptible to changes in line impedances. The practice of joining wires drastically affects this impedance, making it impossible to predict the behaviour of the system. For these cases, amplification or voltage regeneration accessories must be used.


What characteristics must the cable have for the correct operation of the system?
Each cable has different characteristics and it is not possible to answer this question in a specific way. If after reading the following recommendations you are still not sure, do not hesitate to contact our technical assistance team.

Some of the cables supported by the 2-WIRE system are:

  •   • 2-wire hose
  •   • UTP
  •   • Conventional 4+N installations (replacement)
  •   • Multi-wire hose
  •   • Parallel cable

For optimal performance and greater range, the use of the reference cable: CAB-307 is recommended.

Recommended cable cross sections: From 0.22mm2 to 1.5mm2.

You will find tables that relate the type of cable with the maximum distance and maximum number of devices supported in the corresponding installation manual.

Try to avoid:

  •   • Unipolar electric cables.
  •   • Drivers with different lengths or routes.
  •   • Join wires to get a bigger cross section.
  •   • Change the type of cable or cross section throughout the installation.

And remember that a cable with a larger section does not guarantee better performance of the 2-WIRE system.


Should I use tap-offs in each floor?
Yes, they are necessary. Tap-offs are designed to ensure the impedance of the system. For structured cascade installations, where cables go from monitor to monitor, it is possible to use an inhouse tap-off included in monitors.

Not using tap-offs drastically affects the total impedance of the system, making it impossible to predict its behaviour. Do not rely on success, always use tap-offs.


Is it necessary to load the unused outputs of the distributors or floor tap-offs (DIV-152, DIV-154, DIV-064 or DIV-464)?
No. Unused outputs are not loaded on these devices.


Can I program the monitors or telephones in the workshop or must I program them at the installation site?
Both connection brackets and telephones have permanent memory in which the programming code is stored. You can therefore program them along with the entrance panel in the workshop. There is no need to program them on site. Note that some monitors store programming code on their connection bracket, and not on the monitor itself.


How many monitors or telephones can I have in the same apartment?
The system supports up to 6 monitors or telephones in the same apartment. You need to have as many entrance lines to the apartment as monitors and telephones you need to install.


How do several monitors work in the same apartment?
The call ring son all the monitors/telephones. The first one to be answered establishes communication with the visitor. The image of the visitor Will be only shown on the main monitor

Only the main monitor display turns on, but when you pick up a secondary monitor, the secondary monitor display turns on and the main monitor turns off. Before picking up a secondary, you can press its automatic switch-on button to view the visitor and pick up if interested.


In the installation in which I want to install the video door entry system, there is already a 12 Vac electric lock. The consumption of the lock is greater than 0.5A. How can I activate it?
In such cases, you can use the ASC-050 selector/switch accessory in conjunction with an additional power supply unit to feed the electric lock.

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