Mast Broadband Amplifiers

AMP UHF 32 dB LTE700 MAST 24 Vdc

Code 9030193

Model AM-195

Serie 903

Broadband amplifiers for masts, compatible with LTE700 mobile telephone signals with amplification band in UHF 470-694 MHz. They have one input to amplify and combine the signals from the antennas. They are fed through the coaxial cable from a power supply unit installed inside the building. They incorporate a switchable DC path, allowing power to be supplied to a preamplifier.

Individual digital and analogue terrestrial TV installations which are affected by the transmission of LTE700 mobile phone signals and which require low gain. They amplify and mix the signals from several antennas. The signal obtained can be distributed to a large number of TV outlets by means of a single coaxial cable.

Shielded zamak chassis, covered by a weather-resistant plastic casing. Easy to open and close, the chassis can be tilted to facilitate manipulation. It can be installed either on a mast, by means of a polyamide clamp, or on a wall. Resistant to sun and water (IP53). Greater insulation between inputs and outputs. F-type connectors for screwing or crimping.

9030086 AL-100 24 power supply unit. 9120039 CM-004 Male F connector for Ø6.6 mm coaxial. 9080023 MC-302 Male F connector for RG-6 coaxial, Ø7.0 mm. 9080030 MC-304 Male compression F connector for RG-6 coaxial, Ø7.0 mm

Technical specifications

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