UHF 21/48 LTE700 BALUN

Code 9010019

Model SI-412

Serie 901

Balun (symmetrizer) specially designed for BU, MX and NEO-04X antennas. Designed to cover the UHF band up to 694 MHz while rejecting the LTE700 and LTE800 mobile telephone bands thanks ot its built-in rejection filter. F-type connector that stays protected inside the balun box once the balun is installed. Fast and easy assembly, no tools required.

Digital and analogue terrestrial TV installations, collective or individual, where a strong rejection of the LTE700 band is necessary. Conversion of non-LTE800 antennas or antenna without rejection filters into antennas with built-in LTE700 rejection filters.

Rejection of LTE700, LTE800 and GSM signals.

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