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IP room terminals


Kod 9400017

Model CHC-231

Seriler 940

The IP Room Terminal is the main element of the ACCURO system (ALCAD IP Nurse Call system). It is in charge of generating a bidirectional full duplex audio communication between the user and medical staff based on VoIP technology. It receives the alarms and events thanks to a wide range of pushbuttons, pullcords and sensors installed inside the room next to the bed or in the WC.

Designed to be available to the patient or user, it sends information about the different events detected in the room to the control posts of the assigned medical staff (IP telephones, WiFi telephones, DECT or smartphones) and allows communication by voice in hands-free mode between users and staff. It has RFID to manage the control of the identification of staff in the room.

Designed specifically to meet the needs of durability and reliability required in hospitals and other medical centers, the device has an ''ultra-slim'' and robust mechanical design that adapts to both surface and flush mounted. Thanks to its capacitive and flat panel it is easy to clean, and in the case of model CHC-234 its antimicrobial coating prevents the possible transmission of bacteria and microbes between rooms because of the use of the panel by the staff.
The surface of the device is compatible with cleaning products used for disinfecting the material in hospitals. It has a high-quality capacitive keyboard with backlighting that allows staff to activate different call types and document the tasks performed in the room, and all without taking off the gloves.
The panel counts on buttons to make the following functions: call staff (red), call doctor (blue), staff presence (green), non-medical staff presence (yellow). It also incorporates an LCD screen with information on the status of the device, events and alarms active in the room.
Being based on VoIP technology and due to its connection to a data network through its RJ45 connector, it can intercommunicate with other room centers located in the same area, allowing to convert the room into a nurse control point more while a professional is present in the room.

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