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Kod 9130042

Model AU-640

Seriler 913

SAT amplifier for 4, 8 or 16 polarities, for installations in cascade. For 16 polarities, two stacked amplifiers of 8 polarities are installed. Equipped with gain control and independent equaliser for each polarity. Requires the FU-513 power supply unit, from the NET power supply connector, to feed the amplifier and intermediate active multiswitches. To power the LNB, the FU-612 power supply unit is used.

Medium-sized to large MATV and SMATV installations. Enables distribution to up to 128 TV outlets in a single line, with a single amplifier and FU-513 power supply unit. By dividing the installation into lines of 128 outlets and distributing the 4 or 8 polarities and the terrestrial TV to all the lines, it is possible to reach more than 2,000 outlets. Amplifies and equalises all the polarities before the cascade of multiswitches.

Return path included from 5 to 65MHz. Shielded zamak chassis with plastic supports. F-type connectors. Two power supply jacks, 9.5mm x 2.1mm for the NET cascade and for the LNB.

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