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NEO ANTENNA, CHAN 21/60, REJ, G = 18dBi

Discontinued Product

Kod 9000188

Model NEO-088

Seriler 900

Antennas for optimal reception of DTT channels, with the best available gain (18 dBi). Designed to cover the UHF band up to 790 MHz while rejecting the LTE mobile telephone band. Easy to mount and adjust, providing maximum robustness and ensuring complete safety of installation. With a stylish design which perfectly reflects the excellent electrical and mechanical qualities of the antenna.

Digital and analogue terrestrial TV installations, collective or individual, where rejection of the LTE band is necessary and high gain and directivity are required. The reflectors prevent interference produced by the signals received from the rear of the antenna.

Rejection of LTE and GSM signals. Manufactured in aluminium, zamak, weather-resistant plastic and galvanised steel.. Watertight matching transformer casing (IP55). Matching transformer, with F-type connector and LTE reject filter, protected inside the casing. System of front-fixing reflectors for greater ease of assembly. No tools required for installation. Supplied in an individual pack.

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