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Square warning-lamps


Kod 9410102

Model SEN-343

Seriler 941

The annunciator panel is a signaling element of the ALCAD NURSE CALL system. The panel is designed for the interior of the premises (hallways, common areas), it displays system messages on a high-brightness LED display.

This panel will display the messages that are generated by the room terminals in the rooms of the installation. When there are no active incidents, the annunciator panel can be configured to display the time and date, the name given to the led panel in the Nurse Call configuration or the screen blank can be left blank.

The chassis made of aluminum and is light and robust. The panel is integrated into the Nurse Call system network via the RJ45 connection. The Panel can be configured to display the time the messages are visible and the effect with which the message is displayed.


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Teknik özellikler

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