KABI: take control of your digital home from your capacitive touch monitor

Don’t be fooled by the size of the 7 and 10-inch KABI monitors with capacitive touch screen. Our indoor units are the heart of the entire IPAL system and allow you to take advantage of all its possibilities: the same device is responsible for receiving and / or recording calls from the entrance panel, and at the same time it controlls the integration of the home automation devices or the IP security cameras.

Their simple lines, alongside with their light tone, make it possible to install KABI monitors in any room. Their intuitive and simple menu greatly facilitates their use. And for those who spend many hours outdoors, their connection with tablets or smartphones via Wi-Fi allows the management of the entire system from anywhere in the world.

To offer an even more real experience, our monitors allow you to customize the control screens in rooms where home automation devices are connected. Take a photo of the desired room, upload it to the monitor and assign  the necessary icons. And that’s it! (This action must be carried out by a professional).

Main features:

  • Video intercom functions:
    • Mobile phone functions for the reception of calls, door opening, monitoring...
    • Photo and video recording.
    • Call log.
    • Video call intercom with concierge and / or neighbours.
    • “Do not disturb” programmable function depending on the hour of the day.
  • Home automation functions:
    • Mobile phone functions to receive alarms, control of devices, presence simulation.
    • Wireless connectivity (RF 868MHz), WiFi and wired alarms.
    • RF accessories for the control of lighting, blinds, curtains, intellingent plugs or heating.
    • RF Security Accessories for flood, smoke, motion, door / window.
    • Wired alarms with 4 independent NO or NC circuits (MCO-300 accessory not included).
    • Customizable scenes, combining alarms and home automation devices (“watching TV”, “leaving home”, etc.).


Manage all functions with your mobile phone

With IPAL by ALCAD, the free app available for Android and iOS, you can manage calls, door opening and home automation functions configured on the main monitor with your mobile phone, thanks to its connection to the Wi-Fi network.

Just as if you were on the sofa, with your mobile phone you can control –at any time and any place– who’s been to visit you in your absence. You can also program your home to so that you can find it to your liking on your return.


Discover everything that IPAL can bring to your smart home.

Technologically advanced video intercoms

Technologically advanced video intercoms

Our Miru and Eider entrance panels summarize the qualities that define the IPAL technology: robustness, versatility and elegance. Its modern design adapts to any installation and its finish, made with high quality materials, offers maximum resistance to withstand wear and tear from intensive use and the most adverse weather conditions.

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Home automation devices: intelligent and sophisticated

Home automation devices: intelligent and sophisticated

Their great functionalities are not incompatible with their sophistication: the range of home automation devices compatible with the IPAL system makes it possible to convert, quickly and easily, any home into a modern and elegant intelligent home: lighting, curtains and blinds control mechanisms; smoke or motion sensors; and smart plugs that save energy.

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Home automation devices: intelligent and sophisticated
Kit for single-family homes: maximum performance in small installations

Kit for single-family homes: maximum performance in small installations

The version for single-family homes by IPAL includes everything you need for your start-up: KABI7 7 ”monitor with advanced Wi-Fi functions typical of the IP system and anti-vandal recessed entrance panel with a push button and integrated RFID access control.

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