IP room terminals


Code 9400310

Model CIC-611

Serie 940

The intercom terminal is a vandal resistant and IP-55 rated element. Its function is to establish an audio full-duplex bidirectional communication between the user and one or several fixed or mobile control stations terminals. Moreover, this terminal is 100%IP and allows the connection of a luminous element which warns about a call in progress. It should be located in a visible place for the security staff, the installation of a cancel button is possible also.

This application is designed to be installed in assistance areas. The communication, via hands free audio, between reduced mobility people and a control stations is possible. In this way, in emergency cases, the reduced mobility people could be aided during the evacuation.
Furthermore, the system integrates, without development or added configurations, RFID RFI-722 readers which aim is the control of access points and generation of safe areas, WC pullcords, installable sensors in public areas, changing rooms and common areas in public buildings (shopping malls, schools, universities, public institutions, sport centres, hotels, restaurants¬Ö) meeting the building accessibility regulation.

Design features:
Made of stainless steel which gives it a high resistance to external attacks. In addition, thanks to the IP55-rate, it meets with the durability and reliability requirements of the unique buildings. In addition, its robust mechanical design (ultra-slim) allows its installation in surfaces and built it into the wall. The device surface can be cleaned with aggressive cleaning products used for the material disinfection in hospitals or other centres. The keyboard is composed by a high resistance button which allows a quick visualization and it is easily clicked in emergency cases. Moreover, a LCD screen is integrated to show the device state, events and active warnings. It is based in VoIP technology and connected to the network via RJ45 connector. Because of that, it can intercommunicate with the different terminals of the centre.


Technical specification

Technical specifications

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