IP room terminals


Code 9400326

Model CIC-615

Serie 940

The ALCAD video intercom allows fast and easy emergency calls, thus guaranteeing a quick and effective response from the staff.
On the front we find a fisheye camera operating 24/7 which gives to the staff a complete view of everything that happens on the front of the terminal and on both sides thanks to the wide angle of the camera.
This visual capacity will not be diminished at night because of infrared qualities, so in zero light conditions the camera will continue working.
To establish the call, under the camera we find a large red button and once is pressed it will initiate the audio call.
Once the call is accepted by the staff, the high-definition IP voice communication is established and it will allow communication thanks to the powerful loudspeaker and adjustable microphone.
In addition, if necessary, pre-recorded voice audios can be played at the designated terminals. In this way, in the event of fire or an attack,… the appropriate warnings and indications may be issued in each case, facilitating appropriate actions by the students.
The voice communication center is made of steel, which gives it anti-vandalism qualities, ensuring its durability against external aggressions and the passage of time.

General characteristics
- 5Mpx fisheye camera with 24/7 operation
- IR vision
- SIP voice communication
- Pre-recorded audio broadcasts

- Continuous visual control of the surrounding area.
- Reception of emergency calls.
- Assistance through voice communication.
- Issuance of emergency notices.


Technical specification

Technical specifications

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