IP room terminals


Code 9400053

Model CHI-043

Serie 940

The Room Terminal is the main element of the ALCAD NURSE CALL system responsible for connecting and administering different warning and signaling elements in the room (pushbuttons, pullcords, lights, etc.). Additionally, the Room Terminal establishes a voice conversation with the nursing staff by incorporating a loudspeaker and microphone and is based on the VoIP technology.

Designed to be at the patient’s disposal and send the information needed to communicate the different events that occur in the room to the control stations, as well as to wireless terminals of the nursing staff (DECT or WIFI phones). Also permits patient-friendly voice communication. Room Terminal also has the possibility to connect wireless sensors and RFID readers to manage the identification and control of nursing staff in the room and in the system.

Being based on VoIP technology and thanks to the connection to a data network through its RJ45 connector, the Room Terminal can intercommunicate with other rooms in the same area, acting as a control station when the nursing staff is present in the room. Room Terminal incorporates an LCD display with information of the state of the of events occurring in the room and of the calls. The CHI-043 room central is capable of connecting to the network through wifi, deleting the use of ethernet cable for the Nurse Call devices interconnection.

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